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Epiphanies = Pieces in the puzzle of life

Can you recall all the epiphanies you’ve had in your life? I can.

There are 3 I have experienced in the last 10 years that were all life changing “holy shit” moments. The moment when the light bulb goes off and in your head and your realize that you need to change the status quo immediately.

– Sophomore year in college – AC12

– At the Driving Range with a buddy

– Reading a book recommended by a friend

All of these “wake up” moments allowed me to recognize the path I was on was not the one I wanted . I knew what I wanted but I did not have the “pieces” (knowledge and realization) in place to put that into action and apply it to my life.

Like a puzzle, life has thousands of pieces all jumbled together. There is a need to put those pieces in place in order to continue living happily and complete your puzzle of life . For me, epiphanies occur when you find that missing piece which completes an important segment of the puzzle changing your path in life.

Why is this important? Because if you go through life without the knowledge and realization needed to make crucial changes at key points then you are merely surviving. For some people this is fine, but if your like me simply going through the motions drives you nuts. There is no way to feel happy or completed unless your are pushing the limits.

If you can’t recall the epiphanies you’ve has in your life or if you have not had one recently then maybe you should ask yourself: Am I pushing my limits or merely surviving? and Does this matter to me?

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