Sold on Social Media

Today I was Sold on the importance of social media. Why? Because everyone from businesses, consumers, job hunters, to sports fanatics can share information and communicate together at incredible speed. Opinions about a sporting event can be discussed in real time on Twitter while sharing images and files with a client on yfrog and re-connecting with an old friend on Facebook. This makes everyone more productive with their precious time on the web which in turn is valuable.

An unemployed college student can have an online portfolio or resume which uniquely describes why he or she is a great candidate for a position. A consumer can get instant information about a wine on their iPhone while in a restaurant. And a business can have incredible insight into their target market’s habits, trends, and interests.

All of this is incredibly powerful and can be extremely rewarding. Take Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV, he is a prime example of how effective social media can be. For all of the reasons listed above I think it is crucial for everyone to realize the power that social media has and that is why I am Sold on Social Media

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About Bobby Cintolo
A Millennial Wine Enthusiast working for Nexternal- eCommerce provider. Heavily involved and interested in:Wine|Apps|Interactive Marketing|Branding|Mobile Commerce|Social Networking|eCommerce|Networking

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